ab 24.08. Smart Beat in cooperation with Alarmtheater und dem Diakonischen Werk Herford
25.09. Schwellenbereiche in situ performance at ARTDriburg by Geplante Obsoleszenz
06.10. Schwellenbereiche in situ performance at Kunstverein Kreis Gütersloh at Geplante Obsoleszenz
29.10. Schwellenbereiche in situ performance at Städtischen Galerie Eichenmüllerhaus by Geplante Obsoleszenz
17.11. Schwellenbereiche in situ performance at Kunstverein Oerlinghausen by Geplante Obsoleszenz
24.11. Schwellenbereiche in situ performance at Bielefelder Kunstverein by Geplante Obsoleszenz
26.11. Performance with Anja Erdmann at the exhibition blind spot, Künstlerhaus Dortmund
4.12. Eigentlich geht es darum presentation of sociocultural projects of 2016 at Alarmtheater


Jour Fixe: Soundwalk
with Angelika Höger and Marcus Beuter

The soundwalk starts on Monday, 4th of July at 8 p.m. at the Capella hospitalis, Bielefeld and ends at 10 p.m.

Der Wald als Partitur

Der Wald als Partitur
Music – Dance – Text
An Collective-Composition
Sunday, 12th June, 6 p.m.
Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose, Melle

Part I
Parcours in the forest
Teil II
Multidimensional event in the Hinterhof-Salon

Pia Raum – voice
Fanja Raum – soprano+altsaxophone
Andreas Kaling – basssaxophone
Susanne Schulz – violin
Willem Schulz – violoncello
Marcus Beuter – elektronic

Minako Seki Company, Berlin
Minako Seki
Maristela Estrela
Sarah Isabel Beckmann
Ralf Assmann

Barbara Daiber

How does the forest sound? What do trees ask? Is it a swarm? Who is sleeping beneath their wings? Does the moon shine for everyone? Does the forest love people? Does it have time? What does it dream about? How does it dance? What does it tell? How does it taste? And where are we?

The project DER WALD ALS PARTITUR researches as an aesthetical experiment. It gets into an inspirating and associative dialogue with the forest. Expands groping and forebodingly into the circuits and networks of the forest.

All artist develop together this boundary transcending collective composition. It will be realised in a two-part performance: in the forest with direct interaction between artist and nature, in the architecture of people abstraction and consolidation.

So transforms the natural score of the forest to an artistic score of the forest.

Advance booking: 13 / 8 €  Box office: 15 / 10 €
Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose, Borgholzhausener Str. 75 – 79, Melle, 05422-951325

Supported by: Musik 21 Niedersachsen, dem Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst Hannover, dem Landkreis Osnabrück, der Kreissparkasse Melle und dem Verein Wilde Rose e.V.

in memory of Pierre Loup Augé

The french artist Pierre Loup Augé died on the 21st of may, 23 years old.
As part of the international Performancegroup SINTOs he transformed the abendoned house Königstrasse 28 in Telgte during the festival in march this year.
On the 29th from midday on Marcus Beuter will perform here in memory of Pierre Loup Augé.
The SINTOS-members of Telgte will be present.

Ensemble Stationen NRW, Klangbrücke Aachen

Stationen Ensemble NRW performs on  friday, 13th of may at the Klangbrücke Aachen. In the program a premiere of Johannes Marks – Klangszene IIIand a new piece for Globophone ad. lib. Instrumente – petites perceptions by Marcus Beuter .